Purpose: Provide Thanksgiving dinner for local Fire, Police & Hospital staff.

Contact: TurkeyDrop@fcclife.org


How do I Get Involved? 

Operation Turkey Drop is made possible by people like you and me.

By making one extra dish you can help to feed those individuals who serve our community every day.

After we gather the forms someone from the team will personally call you to confirm a dish you want to prepare. We will provide you with the number of people at the location so you know how much food to prepare.

Bring your dish to the church on Thanksgiving morning between 7:30am and 10:00am. If you are unable to stop by that morning we will provide instructions for drop off earlier in the week (non-perishable only).

Your dish will be part of the full meal provided to the location on Thanksgiving Day. Remember you don't have to deliver the dish, we have volunteers who will deliver this for you. If you would like to deliver, please mark the handout.

We've prepared a list of Q & As from past years. Don't hesitate to ask anyone from the Team if you have any additional questions


How do I sign up for OTD?

There will be a handout or sign up below.

What if I was gone when the handout was handed out?

No problem. Pick up a form at the OTD table or contact someone on this flyer. Or sign up below.


How do I know what dish to make?

You can choose what you would most like to make, sign up on the sheet or online, and a team member will call you to finalize.


Should I go out and get the things I need to make my dish?

No, Not until you hear from someone on the phone to confirm what is needed.


What if I don't cook?

No problem! We can use your help on Thanksgiving morning with many things behind the scenes.


What if I can't cook a turkey?

We have a local vendor that will cook your turkey or you can pre-purchase one and we will pick it up for you on Thanksgiving Day.

The turkey will be delivered on your behalf with the full meal.


If I signed up or helped in a prior year, do I need to sign up again?

Yes, you need to complete a new handout or sign up online so we can contact you to confirm what you would like to do this year.


Can I just tell you what I would like to do instead of completing an insert?

We value your participation and we do not want to overlook or forget what you may have told us.  Please take a moment to complete

a new handout or sign up online. 


What should I bring my food in?

The best packaging is disposable foil trays or plastic containers with lids.  Be sure your food item will not spill during delivery.

Please do not send personal dishes because they will NOT be returned.


Can I help make deliveries?

Yes.  Please mark it on the handout.They are set up on a first come, first serve basis.


If I am making a delivery, will I go on my own?

No. Deliveries will be made in pairs of volunteers.


What can I do if I want to help but will be out of town?

The opportunity still exists to purchase things and drop them off before heading out of town. Just put a note on your handout

that you will be out of town but would like to help out and we will find a way for you to be a part.


Do I need to complete the handout or can I just tell you what I would like to do?

You must complete the handout or sign up online.  We need your name and phone number so we can call you to confirm.











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