For far too long, the church has been known for what it is against.

We want to be known by what we are FOR.

Fellowship Community Church is

FOR The Roanoke Valley in four big ways!

FAMILIES - We invest in families so that our faith can be passed to the next generation. We provide a fun and wholesome atmosphere and community events where children, students, and adults can learn about Jesus and have the necessary resources to develop a vibrant spiritual life. 

SCHOOLS - We partner together in making a difference in our schools in Roanoke City, Roanoke County, and Salem. We support them through Serve Our Schools workdays, mentoring English As A Second Language (ESL) tutoring, and other means. We encourage administrators, teachers, and children with a "no-strings-attached" mentality. 

MEETING NEEDS - We address the practical needs of people who are experiencing hunger, homelessness, human trafficking, individual adults and children with special needs, and foster care/adoption. Our basis for meeting social needs is to have the ability to address our greatest need, which is spiritual.

COMMUNITY - We believe that neighborhoods are a vital part of what contributes to the overall well-being of the Roanoke Valley. One reason for our multi-site strategy is that we engage neighbors with a greater opportunity to be a part of something within proximity to their home. Ultimately, our objective is to assist people in having community in the life of the church and with Jesus. 

There are a wide variety of ways to show the Roanoke Valley that FCC is FOR them. Whether serving at a food bank, a local school, or in the church, the impact of that service can lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.