Production Team

The Production Team at Fellowship Community Church is a group of highly motivated, committed, and enthusiastic servants                  who value excellence and one another.

We strive to create a worship service environment that is comfortable and inviting, and we pray that God uses our efforts to help create an atmosphere that will lead many to Christ and life change.

 If that sounds exciting and if you're willing to learn, stretch yourself, and try some new things, please consider serving alongside us. We have both technical and nontechnical positions. No prior experience is necessary.


The Lighting Team prepares and operates the equipment used to light both the stage and the auditorium on Sundays and special events. They focus on illuminating properly, creating atmosphere, and focusing attention.


 The Audio Team is responsible for the set-up, monitoring, and adjustment of all audio equipment. their role is to support the band, speaker, and all on-stage personnel as they lead or communicate to the audience on Sunday. They focus on facilitating worship and communication, focusing attention, and removing distractions.

Video/Computer Graphics Team

This Team prepares and operates the equipment necessary to display live video and any graphics or characters that are needed to enhance the live video (ie: worship lyrics, Bible verses, etc.). They focus on enhancing and delivering the worship and the message, creating visual appeal, focusing attention, and supporting the communicator.

Stage Design Team
The Stage Design Team helps design and create all of our stage sets. We strive to compliment the series visually by creating stage sets that are modern.