Valley Vision Worship is FCC’s worship arts ministry. It’s our highest hope to help instill a desire to worship God in all people at all times. We believe that corporate worship is one of the most powerful things we can experience, but we also believe that the energy and authenticity in corporate worship is supplied by the overflow of personal worship. We write songs to help capture and celebrate the stories that come out of our local church, but we know that as the Lord impacts us here through the arts, He can also use the songs He has given us elsewhere to encourage His Church. We pray that as you listen, meditate, and participate along with us that your life would be enriched, your walk with the Lord will deepen, and your heart will be made full as you enjoy time with the God who made you to worship and know Him.

We released our first record, titled “When Heaven Fills the Room” August 10th, 2018. More is coming in 2019!